CRAN R-spatial packages

R-spatial packages on GitHub, but not on CRAN

A (not exhaustive!) list of R packages (typically) under development on GitHub but not on CRAN are:

  • ArcGIS-R bridge, a bridge between ArcGIS and R, developed by ESRI (contains binary code)
  • fuzzyMM, a package for fuzzy map matching
  • mss, a package with methods and classes that enable doing meaningful spatial statistics
  • rgdal2, a package with R proxies to spatial objects living in GDAL
  • spnetwork, provides classes and methods for road networks, using sp and igraph
  • geohash, R support for geohashes
  • sinkr, a collection of functions with emphasis on multivariate methods and handling of geographic datasets

Please add to this list by pull request, open an issue, or by sending me an email.